Goat Milk Soaps

Liv With Roz Farm

Our Soaps:

StimulatingCoffee Soaps

Caffeine stimulates the skin cells like it stimulates us! So the added benefit of chocolate give it antioxidants as well the benefits from the milk.

Mainely Honey Soaps

Honey is a natural moisturizer, so when added to the goat milk soap it created a lotion soap!

  Nourishing Goat Milk   Soaps

Natural cream, vitamin A & Selenium are packed into our soaps from the milk!

Guilt-Free Chocolate Soaps

The chocolate in the soap isn't sticky or weird, rather it leaves antioxidants on your skin and washes off with the soap.

Personal Care

Soaps $4.00/bar


1 bar- $3.00

2 bars- $3.75

3-4 bars- $5.75

​5 or more bars contact me for price

***Contact me for International Shipping***

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